Who Invented Chess?

Who Invented Chess

The story about where the chess originated is a bit confusing, but it can be confirmed that it was in the Asian continent. Some documents confirm that it emerged in India with the name of chaturanga and from there began to spread through Russia, China, Persia and the entire European continent where the rules were established. But all this still is not known very well, since other sources say that its origin took place in China from the third century.

In the 6th century the writing of one of the oldest literary records about this game was made. From this time, chess had an evolution documented and accepted by the academic world.

From the fifteenth century chess was widely spread throughout the European continent and that was where they began to make the first analyzes of openings. Beginning in the 18th century, the first clubs to practice chess began to be created, as well as sports federations in Europe. Due to the excessive number of chess tournaments in 1851, the first international tournament was held in London. From 1924, the international chess federation was founded in Paris.

The Romantic Era of Chess

Until the end of the fifteenth-century chess changed numerous times, surviving sanctions of the Christian Church as well as complete prohibitions from time to time.

From those days until 1880, the game was developed to achieve the shape of modern chess. This period is thought of as “the Romantic Era of Chess!

Chess has slowly gained competitive character, concrete rules and grew in popularity among people. Strategic planning and a large study of the theory were postponed issues.

First, the problems of rapid tactical motives and trust in intuitive moves were the law.

The first chess tournaments began to be played and even the First World Championship was held in 1886, in which Wilhelm Steinitz became the First World Champion.

Until the mid-twentieth century, certain trends of the romantic game were maintained, with players who relied on tactics in the extremely dynamic game.

However, the twentieth century revolutionized chess with the invention of databases, engines and various methods for comfortable and efficient strategic preparation.

First chess sites and online games were invented, so the romantic era ended and the new technological era, digitized, began.


All in all, there is a wide variety of hypotheses about the history of chess and its origins. But it can be said that no specific person invented this world-known game. It changed through the centuries and will probably continue to change.

We have presented you the main and most popular legends about the origins of chess. We would be delighted if you comment on the article if you have other interesting information or your personal opinions.
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