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What is Track and Field Athletics?

We call track athletics to those whose tests take place on a circuit. Such tracks can be covered or outdoors, and generally have an oval shape, or, more specifically, that of two straight and parallel lines connected to each other on both sides by curves.

Athletics tracks can have different measures, the most frequent being 400 meters. In addition, they must have between 6 and 8 lanes. Each of them with a width of 1.22 meters. As well as a pit that can be adapted for the 3000-meter obstacle course.

Among the events that are part of track athletics, there are several types of races. In which you can compete as a team or individually. Among all of them, undoubtedly the most famous and that attracts the most followers is the 100-meter one, in which runners compete by covering that distance without obstacles and on level ground, with the aim of doing so in the shortest possible time. There are also 200 and 400 meters.

There are also track events, among others, obstacle courses, in which athletes encounter hurdles that they have to jump, as well as long-distance events.

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