What is Athletics?

The track and field is a sport that encompasses a set of tests, which reflect the natural movements of the human being, like walking or running. It was already practiced by the Greeks in the 8th century BC, within their famous Olympic Games.

It is a competitive sport that can be practiced both as a team and individually. In both cases, the tests are aimed at exceeding the opponent’s performance, whether in speed, distance, height, or resistance.

The tests that are carried out within athletics can be divided into two main categories, depending on the place where they take place. Thus, we can speak of indoor athletics, which includes events such as jumps and races, or outdoor athletics, such as the marathon.

In athletics, several disciplines can be distinguished, which can be grouped into four. It’s about running, walking, jumping, and throwing. Likewise, combined tests are also carried out, which contain elements of the aforementioned disciplines and other sports, such as the pentathlon.

Due to the simplicity of its practice, that it does not require large infrastructures or equipment, and that it can be carried out individually, it is possibly the most popular and practiced sport in the world.

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