Top 10 best defenses in football history

best defenses in football

Although in the world of football the strikers are usually the players who wake up the most fans, the truth is that a football team cannot play with only one type of player. Because as you know, everyone plays in all areas. But in conventional football, Centrals, goalkeepers and defenders are needed.
What would a good football team be without defenses, right? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about here. Of the best defenses in history. Ho in our football blog, we will name the 10 most important, although we do not number them because surely everyone has their preferences. We start!

#1. Franco Baresi

This Italian legend spent his entire sports career in a single team: Milan. He is very curious, because his brother militated in the ranks of the maximum rival, Inter, as a central defender. He won the World Cup with Italy in 1982 and won a total of 18 titles with his club. The back of his shirt was removed from Milan in recognition of his work.

#2. Franz Beckenbauer

Known as Beckenbauer the Kaiser, for many, it is the best defense he has played since football was invented. With the German team, he won a World Cup and a European Championship, in addition to several titles with his team, Bayern Munich. He won the Golden Ball twice, something very difficult for a player who is not a forward.

#3. Paolo Maldini

Another Italian defender who played in Milan. He did not win world championships, but 26 club titles. He won the award for the best player in the world in 94 and FIFA awarded him the medal for the Order of Sports Merit. It is on the list of the best soccer lineup in history that we did.

#4. Carles Puyol

We go around the house to highlight the best Spanish defense the team has had. He also spent his entire career in a single team like the previous ones. With Barca, he won 6 titles in a single year, which he raised as captain. In total, they were 21 and 2 more as selected from Spain, a World Cup and a European Championship.

#5. Daniel Passarella

We skip the puddle and go to Argentina. There we found Passarella, the only player from that country to win two World Cups to date. He played in Argentina and Europe, specifically in Italy. He is the defender who has scored the most goals in Argentina.

#6. Roberto Carlos

Next to Argentina, in Brazil, we have Roberto Carlos, which many of us know for playing at Real Madrid. World champion with his selection, he was second in 2002 as a candidate for the Golden Ball. He is considered the best left-back in history, with a shot power and a technique that has been studied in some universities.

#7. Bobby Moore

We return to Europe and arrive in England. Bobby Moore won a World Cup with the national team, of which he was captain. He died very young due to cancer, but his legend is still alive.

#8. Elias Figueroa

The Chilean defender was declared the best player in the world in the 70s twice in a row. He played in Brazil, so he was invited to leave his tracks in the mythical Maracana stadium, where they can be seen. He is considered the best Chilean soccer player and the best foreigner who has played in Brazil.

#9. Oscar Ruggeri

One of the living legends of Argentine football, which won with its selection virtually everything: World Cup, Copa America and Confederations Cup. He had two very short steps through Spain, in Logroñés and Real Madrid first, and a few years later in Jaén, in Second B. His playing style was quite intense, although he is also remembered for being a player with the ability to put goals and quite class.

#10. Matthias Sammer

Sammer played in two national teams. First in the German Democratic Republic and later in the reunified team. He took a Golden Ball and won a European Championship. A knee injury and several subsequent complications (he was operated 5 times) forced him to retire with little more than 30 years, so he could have achieved much more.

And so far the list with the 10 best defenses, which follows the line of myths in their positions, such as the best goalkeepers in history and other curiosities. And, although our favorite sport is the one practiced within a bubble, we cannot deny the reality that traditional football is the most followed sport in the world. And the one that has seen more important figures since it was invented, back in the second half of the 19th century.

How about? As always we like to ask. Do you agree with this list? Or do you think you should put and remove any of the names?

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