What are The Basic Rules of Volleyball?

rules of volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that is played on many levels, involves hitting a ball with your hands from one side to another on a net until a team scores a point. The basic rules of volleyball indicate the size of the court, the height of the net, how the ball should be served and how it is scored.

Dimensions of the volleyball court

The volleyball court must measure 26.5 feet (8 m) wide and 59 feet (18 m) long to be considered regulatory. When men play, the net should be 7 feet and 11.625 inches (2.16 m) tall ;.The net for women should be 7 feet and 4.25 inches (2 m) high.

Serve in volleyball

A player may serve the ball either below or above his head . Players must draw behind a restriction line at the end of the court and can not cross that line until the ball has been served.

Rules of VolleyBall

Do you want to know what are the rules of a sport so popular among many students as is volleyball? well, if you are thinking about playing you should know these essential points:

  • A team gets a point when the ball bounces on the opposite field, or a rival player is the last to touch a ball that bounces off of it. In the same way, points can be added if the rival team breaks any rule. A set is completed when the team manages to gain 25 points leading at least two of advantage to its rival. To win you have to get 3 sets and that’s why you play 5. But in the fifth set, you only need to get 15 points with two at least difference.
  • During the game, there are six players in the field and each of them has to prevent the ball from reaching the ground.
  • If the ball leaves the field is counted as a foul and, therefore, removes the opposing team.
  • Only a maximum of three touches per team can be given before sending the ball to the opposing team. The same player can not give two consecutive touches unless the second touch is after having made a block.
  • It is a rotation game, so each player has to rotate in a clockwise position before each serve.
  • Players can not touch on the net when they play with a ball.
  • A player can finish at any height.
  • The ball can touch the net and will be in play until a foul or infringement is committed.

Court and team

The standard volleyball court measures 30 feet (914.4 centimeters) wide by 60 feet (1828.8 centimeters) long. It is divided in half to separate the sides of each team. Within each half, the line of attack is marked, which is marked 10 feet (304.6 centimeters) from the center line of the court. The net is set at 8 feet (243.84 centimeters) in height for men and at 7 feet (213.36 centimeters) for women. The net supports are placed 3 feet (91.44 centimeters) away from the baseline in the center of the court for an extended net length of 36 feet (1097.28 centimeters). A volleyball ball should weigh between 9 and 10 ounces (255.25 and 283.5 grams).

Basics of the game

Each team consists of six players who rotate clockwise through the positions available on their respective sides of the network. The rotation is made after each serve and no player can draw more than once. The game lasts up to a total of 25 points and continues until a team wins by two or more points. The rules of the volleyball allow the “best” of three to five games. Each team is allowed to touch the ball up to three times on its side of the court before returning it to the other side of the net. A player can not touch the ball more than once while it is on its side of the net. The rules of volleyball prohibit players from carrying, patting or throwing the ball. The first serve of the game is done by volleying the ball from back to front. Players can cover the ball of the net during a volley and take it out. Those in the attack zone can exchange positions after the opponent’s serve.

Take out

The volleyball rules for the serve indicate that the player must be located behind the final line of the court. It must be done with the arm from below or with the arm at the top and the ball must pass cleanly the upper part of the net, although it is allowed to touch it. During the service, the ball must be visible to the opponents at all times. The serve must be returned with a strong blow to encourage the game. The players must not make a play or attack in the return of the service.


Teams add points when the ball touches the ground on and off the court. Some of the common methods for earning points include hitting the ball in the direction of the weakest players on the team, aiming at empty areas on the court or placing the ball near the net on the opponent’s side.


A referee supervises the rules and rules of volleyball during the game. The arbitration consists of detecting the basic violations, as well as verifying the correct configuration of the teams and the court. Players are not allowed to step on the last line during a serve, and if a player can not pass the net, it is considered a violation. Touching the net or staying under it is a violation, except in two specific cases. Players can touch the net after a hit and during a block. It is not recommended to stay under the network.

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