Rules of Darts Game and How to play?

rules of darts game

One of the most remarkable characteristics and for which the game of darts is very popular is the variety of ways to play. The fundamental basis is the alternate launch of three darts until reaching a score or objective determined between several players, either individually, in pairs or in teams.

This simplicity gives rise to a multitude of variants or modalities. Among them, we can highlight the 501, Cricket, Burma Road or Parcheesi. In this article, we will describe the most popular: Cricket.

The objective of the Cricket is to close several assigned numbers obtaining the maximum score at the end of the game. It can be played individually or in a group.

How To Play?

In normal cricket, the numbers to close are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bull (bullseye). A number is considered closed when it has three marks (a triple makes three marks, a double two marks and a single one a mark).

To score you have to close before what the rest of the players do and once closed it is when you start adding that number. A quite extended variant is called cut-throat, in which the points are added to the players that have not closed (the one that obtains the least score wins).

In this variant, it is usual for all players to ally against someone in particular (usually the best). Other variants are the obligatory nature of closing in order (20,19, … and bullseye) or the random choice of numbers ( wild crazy). Also, there is the possibility that it is only necessary to close with a single brand or even that there is no score.

In the online Dart Connection targets, players are assigned an MPR, which is the estimated average of marks the player makes per round. Thus, for example, that a player has MPR 2.00 means that on average he makes two marks for every three darts. It is in the tournaments and the Aiguilles where the average of each player is obtained. This is important to know the evolution of our level and the difficulty of winning a game.

Who Win?

  • Win the first player who has all of his segments closed, has hit the target three times in each segment at least and has a higher score than all other players.
  • If a player has already closed his segments, he has hit the target three times in each segment at least, but he has a lower score than any of the opponents, he would continue to shoot the open segments still to increase the score. It would continue like this until reaching 3.1 or until all the segments were closed and the winner would be the player with the highest score.

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