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How to Run Faster?

Generally, those people who want to dedicate themselves to running and start proper training in order to achieve their goal. have already acquired considerable strength and endurance after a couple of years. At this time they can endure an hour at a time running, without any problem, and that is when what they begin to want is to work their speed to run faster.

There are some routines that we can incorporate into our weekly work to do a good speed job that is enjoyable and effective. With them, and almost without realizing it, we will soon achieve our goal: that of being faster.

-A good method is to find a 100 meter straight and run it 5 times. We will start the first sprint using only 85% of our potential, and in each of the following, we will try to overcome the previous one.

Between each sprint we will have to walk for about 2 minutes.

We will repeat the 5 sprints 3 times, but this time on a 200 meter track.

It is important that before starting you warm up a bit, for which it will be enough to run at a gentle pace for 20 minutes.

Another trick is to find a slope that we can climb in about 60 steps. We will climb it 10 times, striving to do it with increasing speed but with shorter steps, for which we will try to keep our feet very close to the ground.

The simple fact of walking down the hill serves as a recovery.

One of the best formulas to increase speed, especially advisable for beginners, is to run for 15 minutes at a gentle pace, then run for 10 more minutes, alternating a fast minute with another slow minute. After these 25 minutes, we will return to running at a gentle pace for 15 more minutes

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