How to Ride a Bike?

Most of us have learned to ride a bicycle at a very early age, almost all with the traditional method in which our father held the bicycle for us to provide us with balance, and by letting us go without even realizing it, in which we got confused.

However, there are people who when they were little, either because of the area in which they lived or due to other circumstances, have not had the opportunity to ride a bicycle and find themselves, already in adulthood, that they do not know how to ride it.

Well, it is worth making an effort and learning, no matter how old we are because cycling is a real pleasure.

There are systems specifically designed so that an older person can learn to ride a bicycle and can do it in a very short time. If this is your case, do not think about it. This is an important step that you will be happy about for the rest of your life.

We will look for a slightly inclined track for learning, and we will lower the saddle of the bicycle in such a way that the feet drag on the ground.

The student will go down the slope gently by dragging their feet, separating and raising their legs, and always looking forward. The exercise will be repeated until the student achieves the necessary balance, as well as learning to brake.

Once the balance is achieved, the movement will be done with one foot on the pedal, and then with both, although without pedaling. Once the balance has been achieved in this phase, the student will make the journey pedaling, and braking slightly.

Next, the objective is to get the start without help, for which a flat terrain will be sought. It is best to start standing up, putting one foot on the highest pedal first, propelling the bike forward. Once started, the student must sit down and put the other foot on the other pedal, starting at this moment to pedal.

The apprentice can be helped but without ever holding him from behind, as we do with a child. We will support you so that you lose your fear and see that you progress little by little.

Generally, in one-hour sessions, balance is achieved as early as the third hour.

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