How to Fix a Bike Puncture?

Anyone who loves bike rides sooner or later will find that one of their wheels has been punctured. So they will have no choice but to solve the problem. Therefore, it is essential that if we go regularly by bicycle we know how to fix a puncture in it.

The subject does not have any difficulty, and it will be enough to follow a few steps, which are listed below:

1. We will remove the wheel from the frame, using the keys. On some bicycles, we will be forced to also remove the brakes.

2. With the wheel removed, we will remove the chamber, and, if there is air in it, we will remove the valve to empty it.

3. We will look for the puncture. If we cannot find it, we will submerge the camera in water, and observe where bubbles come out.

4. We will sand the area where the puncture is, and we will put glue around the hole. We will glue the patch, covering the puncture. We will let it rest for a while.

5. Make sure that the patch is good and no air comes out of it, inflating the chamber a little. Next, we will inflate it a little and put it back on the wheel, and this on the frame.

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