How to Center a Bike Wheel?

Centering a bicycle wheel is a task that, sooner or later, every cycling fan will need to perform, so it is convenient to have knowledge of the subject.

As we know, if a wheel of our mountain bike is off-center, not only does it not turn straight, but it can break or bend, with the danger that this entails for the cyclist, and more if we take into account that in such conditions the brakes do not work as they should.

It is an easy task that we can all do correctly, the only thing necessary being a little patience along with a single tool: a spoke wrench.

We will start by placing the bike upside down, with the saddle and handlebar touching the ground, in order to work more freely.

We only have to work with the rim, so we will have to remove both the tire and the wheel chamber. In this way, we will be able to center the wheel on the rim to the millimeter, with total perfection, so there will be no oscillation afterward, no matter how small.

Placed in front of the rim, we will turn the wheel very slowly, looking for a reference point, such as the frame or fork.

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When we see a deviation of the wheel, no matter how small, it is convenient to mark the off-center area of ​​the rim with a pencil, as well as make some signals in the area of ​​the spoke that we have to adjust. Thus, from this moment on, we will have perfectly located all the points that need to be adjusted.

Next, we will have to tighten or loosen the spokes, depending on which way we should move them. To begin, we will give ¼ of a turn to each radius that needs it and ½ in the center. This work will be done slowly, tightening and loosening where necessary, doing it slowly, and checking the wheel to make sure that the off-center is corrected.

When we have a little practice, we will carry out the task of perfectly centering the wheel in just a couple of minutes, without representing any complication.

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