How Much Does an Olympic Bar Weigh?

how much does an olympic bar weigh?
The Olympic bar used for weightlifting has a weight of 15 kg for women and 20 kg for men.

Apart from the weight, a professional Olympic bar should also have a length of 220 cm that of men and 201 cm of women, the diameter of the bar should be 50 mm and the size of the grip area should be 28 mm for the one for men and 25 mm for women. These measures must be so that the bar can support greater weight, up to 500 kg.

The quality of the Olympic bars generally depends on the material used, the most common is steel. The Olympic bars are mostly made of spring steel, which makes them flexible and protects the joints when lifting a weight greater than 200 kg. For home training with lifting less than 150 kg, standard steel is usually sufficient.

The length of the Olympic bar plays an important role, because the longer it is, the greater the stability it offers when it comes to exercising. Of course, a longer bar requires a much more precise execution technique, because it is more difficult to maintain its balance.

The diameter of the bar must be consistent with the diameter of the discs. Since the Olympic bar has a diameter of 50 mm, the disks used must be 50 mm. There are bars that have a smaller diameter, which can use discs with larger diameters, but it is recommended that the diameters are equal.

There are two types of mechanisms for the bearings of Olympic bars. The hub mechanism provides much less turning mobility and is more economical, which is appropriate for Powerlifting exercises. On the other hand, the needle mechanism offers a very superior turn and tends to be preserved for longer, which makes it ideal for practicing weightlifting.

The weight of the bar is essential and essential to lift a weight greater than 200 kg, since the higher the weight, the greater the stability it offers. Therefore, the professional Olympic bars weigh 20 kg, since it is possible to reach a full weight of 500 kg. In addition, the Olympic weight bars do not get unbalanced when you start to put discs on one side, while those that weigh less than 20 kg must be moved to the opposite side to compensate the weight.

The price of professional Olympic bars with needle mechanism is around 1,000 EUR, depending on the brand and the quality of processing that prevents rust. On the other hand, the Olympic bars that have official measures but that are of lower quality are obtained between 200 and 300 EUR, although these must receive maintenance and constant care to avoid rust. The bars of shorter length and weight are usually between 100 and 200 EUR.

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