How Many Players Should be in a Basketball Team?

how many players on a basketball team

Baseball is a well-known and practiced sport throughout the world, although it has its greatest success in countries such as the United States, where the best league in the world is found or others such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Canada or Japan. Here we will see how many players a baseball team has and what are the positions each of them occupies.

Members of a baseball team

The baseball teams are made up of 9 people on each team. Although in total, counting the non-holders that are in the bank are a total of 23 players for each team .

As you already know in baseball a player of a team throws the ball with his hand and one of another team tries to hit, throwing it as far as possible to advance the longest and reach the base as far as possible. In the case of overcoming the 4 bases you will get a race. The other team should try to catch the ball as soon as possible to eliminate the player and prevent him from making a run.

Therefore, when a team attacks only the batter is changing every time he hits. In the other team are the 9 players to prevent the batter from getting a race. In a team, the main positions we find are :

  • Pitcher or pitcher: throws the ball to the catcher in an imaginary box to be considered a strike.
  • Catcher or receiver: is the person who is behind the batter to receive balls that throws
  • Shortshop or shortstop: is between the second and third base. You must reach the balls at long distances.
  • 1st base: receive the ball that has been caught by any player.
  • 2nd base: catch the ball and pass it to first base.
  • 3rd base: catch the ball and pass it to first base.
  • Gardeners or outfielders: there is the left fielder, the right fielder, and the center fielder. He is in the grass area to try to catch the ball and send it to the other bass players.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, is played in most countries and is very popular in Latin America and the United States. In recent decades its popularity has been spreading to Asia, in fact in Japan it has been practiced for more than a century, but the game became official only 50 years ago.

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