How long is an ice hockey game?

how long is an ice hockey game
An ice hockey game lasts 90 minutes, each game consists of three periods with a duration of 20 minutes each and the three are separated by two intervals of 15 minutes each. Playtime is counted only when the puck is in motion and the clock stops each time the disc stops.

The cases in which the disc stops are generally related to the moments when the referee signals a fault, a team scores a goal or the puck leaves the field, to measure these times in each game there is a judge in charge of this, at which is called Game timekeeper; In addition, each team is entitled to a dead time of 30 seconds for each period.

If after having completed the three times of 20 minutes each, there is a tie, you must proceed to play a 5-minute extension to sudden death, in which the first team that scores a goal wins, although in international games this extension lasts 20 minutes to 4 against 4 including the goalkeeper, followed by a penalty shots throwing around.

What is ice hockey?

Ice hockey is a sport that develops and plays between two teams of six players each, that is, a goalkeeper and six players on the ice, during the game the skaters must direct a rubber disc, called a puck, with the help of a long cane, with the intention of trying to make a score in the rival’s goal, the team that has scored the most goals wins.

Main features of ice hockey

This variant of hockey is a physical sport that has the following characteristics:

  • Players can make loads with the body on the opponent, with the intention of trying to snatch control of the puck (rubber disk), which is why all players are equipped with different protections.
  • It is one of the fastest games, which is because the friction of the disc and the skates on the ice are minimal.
  • It is one of the few sports that allow changes of players unlimited and without interrupting the game.
  • When the match ends the team that has scored the most goals is the winner.

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History of ice hockey

The first time an ice hockey game was played was on an indoor track in the city of Montreal, on March 6, 1875, then in 1877, some students from McGill University made the decision to write the first hockey regulation. ice.

Between this regulation, it was established that each team had to have nine players on the ice rink and the ball that was used in the first game was substituted by a wooden square puck, which later changed to the disc that is currently used.

In this University the first hockey team was founded that year, called MacGill University Hockey Club, followed by the Montreal Victorias team. In the European continent, the first teams arose in England by the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

Then the sport also gained great popularity in Canada, where it expanded rapidly and thanks to the increase in existing teams, the first ice hockey tournament was held in Montreal in 1883, where the team from the University of MacGill, subsequently have been conducting various competitions in various countries around the world, especially in the United States.

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