How Long Is A Running Track?

How Long Is A Running Track
A running track has a length of 400 meters , which are measured just 30 cm from the inner edge, the straight lines measure 84.39 meters. The curved headwaters have a radius of 36.50 meters with 115.61 meters of length, these frequently have between six to eight 1.22 meter tracks.
Running Track

About Athletics

Athletics is a set of sports practices in which the main objective is to overcome the performance of the opponents in terms of resistance, speed, the height of thrown elements, etc. The tests that take place in this sport, as well as the rules or the conformation of the groups or teams has been changing over time.

Undoubtedly, athletics is one of the most widely practiced sports worldwide, whether in competition or among fans of any level. This is because their practice does not have too many requirements and also, they are quite simple sports disciplines.

It is a discipline that is part of the Olympic Games, the most prestigious and one of the most-watched international sports events in the world, and athletics is one of the main and most important sports in this sports competition. Since 1982 this discipline has been regulated by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Types Of Races Within Athletics

The following are the types of races performed in athletics:

  • Fences are races in which the competitors must pass a series consisting of ten fences of wood, metal or other material, these fences are increasing in height depending on the category to which the athlete belongs.
  • Short race, they are run over distances ranging over 60 meters and if it is outdoors they are carried out over distances of 100, 200 or 400 meters, in these races the competitor must duck at the starting point and throw himself onto the track afterward of the sound of the judge’s shot.
  • Medium distance, they are races that cover between 600 m and 3000 m, however, the best known are those of 800m, 1500 m, and 3000 m.
  • Long-distance, are races over 3000 m, within this type are marathons and field races, the latter are carried out on rough and natural terrain.
  • Relay, are races in teams made up of four athletes in which a runner runs a set distance and then passes a tube called a witness to the other competitor, and so on until the total distance set for the race is completed.
  • Obstacles are races of 3000 m with obstacles that are carried out on a 400 m track and consists of 5 obstacles, consisting of fences and a water hole.
  • March, these races are carried out on routes that range between 1500 m and 50 km, they are mainly popular in China and Europe. The main rule of these races is that the heel of the front foot must remain in contact with the ground until the toe of the rear foot stops having contact with the same foot.
  • By surface, they are athletic races that can be classified by a surface, a track, street, route and cross country.

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