How Long is a Basketball Game?

how long is a basketball game

Maybe you do not care too much about sports but surely you’ve ever wondered how long a basketball game lasts.

The match consists of 10 players, five for each team, where the player with the most baskets will win in the opposite basket.

Everyone has an equal chance of winning, but the one who makes the most effort is the one who would achieve victory, after several minutes of tension in the game. How long a basketball game lasts, the duration of a match will depend on the category.

Because the duration of a game of this sport can be one or the other, depending on the conditions of the match, so we will see more details of the duration of this sport in more detailed.

On the other hand, first of all, we must remember that the duration of each basketball match can be one or the other according to the category of each match. This means that a game of the national collegiate athletic association has periods of 20 minutes.

How long is an NBA basketball game?

If we look at the duration of an NBA basketball game, we can see how it has 4 quarters of 12 minutes each.

How long is a Liga Endesa basketball game?

Meanwhile, the duration of a match of the Endesa basketball league in Spain lasts 10 minutes every quarter, also with 4 quarters.

But as we can well know, time is stopped, that is to say, time will stop when there are fouls, dead times or free throws, which makes the real duration of a match higher in all cases.

In turn, at this time we must add the rest time and the extensions in case they take place, which translates into a longer time.

In this way, so that we can get used to the idea, a basketball game usually lasts an hour and a half, between the different sections. Although as we have said, the duration may be longer or shorter.

Basketball is one of the favorite sports for most people, especially in countries like the United States and Canada. Although in other countries of Central America is also well seen. Professional games like those of the NBA, are the most watched by most lovers of this sport and discipline because it is where all the stars come out that really know what they do when playing this type of sport.

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How Long Does a Basketball Match in Spain

  • Mini basket; They have a duration of 48 minutes distributed in 6 times of 8 minutes each.
  • Pre-child category; This lasts 40 minutes that are counted in 4 sets of 10 minutes. These two categories are those that are made in games that are not professional, but rather the student.
  • In professional games like those of the NBA, it is different since they are counted in 4 rooms that included in 12 minutes, making the sum of 48 minutes in total.
  • In Spain (in the ACB League) there are 4 rooms of 10 minutes.


A Basketball game as in other sports disciplines must apply all your ingenuity and ability to work as a team to get the best results. Favoring the team you represent in this way.

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