How Long Is A Basketball Court?

How long is a basketball court
A basketball or basketball court measures 28 x 15 meters in the case of international basketball ( FIBA ), while a basketball court in its NBA modality measures 28.65 x 15.25 meters (originally and according to NBA rules, 94 × 50 feet ).

The two professional leagues establish very similar measures on the basketball courts. Presenting large variations only for the NBA junior team and those for high school internationally.

Measurements of a FIBA ​​Court

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the world governing body for basketball. Its statutes include the establishment of official basketball rules, and regulations governing relations between different members of the basketball community, among other things. These 214 members are organized in five regional offices: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

The basketball court of this organization must have a flat and hard surface, free of obstructions with dimensions of 28 m long by 15 m wide measured from the inner edge of the boundary line. All lines will be drawn in white, 5 cm wide and clearly visible.

Measurements of An NBA Court

The National Basketball Association is one of the most prominent professional men’s basketball leagues in North America, and its popularity spans almost the entire world.

The NBA presents slight variations with respect to the measurements of the official FIBA ​​court because it is established in feet. So it contemplates  28.65 m long by 15.25 m wide. On this court, a free throw lane is marked at each end of the court with the dimensions. All boundary lines are part of the lane; lane space marks and neutral zone marks do not.

The color of the lane markings and neutral zones will contrast with the color of the boundary lines. The areas identified by the lane space markings are 2 inches by 2.4 m inches and the neutral zone markings are 12 inches by 8 inches.

Official information: NBA website (rules) that includes a comparison of FIBA ​​vs. NBA.

NBA Junior League

The world’s first youth professional league and an alternative to the NCAA, it recruits the most outstanding high school prospects to join the professional level.

The measures of the field for the NBA Junior League is 22 meters long by 12 meters wide.

National Association of Collegiate Athletics (NCAA)

This is the governing body of college basketball in the United States. They facilitate basketball competition between colleges and universities across the United States. Usually, the players who were drafted into the NBA come from this league.

The playing field for the NCAA also doesn’t vary from the first two. It must be a rectangular surface free of obstructions with a dimension of 28 m long and 15 m long, measured from the inner edges.

High School Basketball

In general, the appearance on the high school basketball court is the same as that used at the collegiate and professional levels.

All high school leagues around the world follow the same dimensions: the total area of ​​the basketball court for this league is 25m long by 15m wide.

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