Cristiano Ronaldo’s Children: How Many And Which They Are

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Children

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the spotlight for many years now. The results achieved first with Manchester United, then with Real Madrid and finally with Juventus (as well as with the national team of Portugal) have made him one of the most loving and at the same time hated footballers in the world. Obviously this interest soon moved from the soccer field to the pages of the newspapers, also feeding some gossip about the champion. A curiosity born also around the children of Cristiano Ronaldo, on which in fact some mystery hovers.

Let’s say right away that these children are currently four: Cristiano Jr., Eva, Mateo, and Alana Martina. All four live with the champion and his partner, Georgina Rodríguez, in Turin, as they followed him after moving to Italy. But who are their mothers? And their story? Here’s everything you know about the subject.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Children
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Four Childrens and his wife

1. Cristiano Jr.

The first child of Juventus forward is Cristiano Jr., born on June 17, 2010, in the United States. Nicknamed Cristianinho at home, he resembles his father both physically and apparently with the ball: first in the Real youth team and now in the Juventus team, he seems to move very well on the pitch and show his father’s skills.

The interest of the tabloids, however, in recent years has focused mainly on his mother. In fact, nobody knows who he is: some British newspapers have speculated that a British girl gave birth to him after a night of passion with Cristiano; others spoke of a surrogate mother.

Rumors say that the attacker paid € 12 million for the woman who gave birth to him to keep secret and give up all claims on the boy. Interviewed on a talk show, Ronaldo said: «When he grows up I will tell him the truth because he deserves to know. But I won’t tell you because people want me to tell you »

2. Eva

In June 2017 Cristiano Jr. then had two siblings at once. In fact, Eva and Mateo were born, a female and a male. These children were also born in the United States, in an unspecified location on the west coast.

There has also been long speculation about their birth. Initially, it was thought that they were the children of Georgina Rodríguez, the footballer’s current companion. However, this thesis was denied by subsequent indiscretions and above all by the birth of Alana Martina, the fourth daughter, this one born from Georgina.

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3. Mateo

Mateo and his little sister Eva, therefore, seem to have a different mother. In this case, the British tabloids, however, have not been able to find sources that can bind Cristiano Ronaldo to one woman rather than another. So over time, the hypothesis that the two babies were born to a surrogate mother has become stronger.

Today this is considered, in fact, the most probable thesis, reported by several Portuguese newspapers and televisions (those that usually have the freshest information on the Ronaldo family). In any case, the children are raised by Cristiano and Georgina, but also by his mother and sisters, who have always been very close to the footballer.

4. Alana Martina

In November 2017, during the last season at Real Madrid, the one who for now is the last daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo, Alana Martina. The mother, as mentioned, is Georgina and the date of birth is November 12th, as documented by many photographs that the couple posted on social networks to celebrate the happy event.

Alana Martina is the first daughter of Georgina, who was 23 years old at the time of her birth. Cristiano with her had the first daughter “as a couple”, coming to “equalize” the cons between boys and girls. We’ll probably see soon if this count goes back to odd and if the story with Georgina holds up.

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