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Athletics Track Events

Athletics Track Events

In athletics, we call track events those that are carried out within a closed circuit, that is, on a track, which is generally oval in shape, and is made up of two straights joined at each end by a curve. When we talk about running track events, we are talking about the following:

Speed ​​races

These are the most spectacular tests, according to the fans, of those included in athletics, the most notable being the 100-meter dash, which is played in a straight line, with the athlete who first crosses the Target with your trunk, not your head. The speed races that are held on the track are listed below.

  • 60 meters
  • 100 meters
  • 200 meters
  • 400 meters

Middle distance

Middle distance races, or middle-distance races. The athletes who compete in these races have to possess not only great strength and endurance, but they must also meet a series of technical requirements.

  • 800 meters
  • 1500 meters


Long-distance races, also known as long-distance races. Athletes who participate in these events have to possess great stamina, and most of them tend to be thin and of short or medium height.

  • 3000 meters
  • 5000 meters
  • 10,000 meters


Hurdles races :

During these tests, in addition to the course, the athletes have to jump 10 hurdles. In addition to being good runners, they must be very flexible. The 100-meter hurdles are basically distinguished from the 110-meter hurdles in that the first is for women, while in the second it is the men who compete.

  • 100 meter hurdles
  • 110 meter hurdles
  • 400 meter hurdles
  • 2000 meters obstacles
  • 3000 meters obstacles

Relay races:

They are the only track events in athletics that take place in teams. Athletes must have, in addition to speed and strength, good coordination. In all of them, the witness must pass from hand to hand, without being able to be thrown.

  • 4 × 100 relays
  • 4 × 400 relays

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