All The Data On The Premier League, Goalscorers And Coaches

All The Data On The Premier League

The English football championship is certainly one of the most fascinating in the world. Partly because this sport was born in Great Britain and the local championship is the oldest, as well as the one marked by the most glorious history. A bit also because some great champions play there and train equally good managers. This is also why it is important to always keep in mind what is the gold bulletin of the English championship.

Scrolling is, in fact, is a very interesting exercise, which does not attract the attention only of statisticians. Unlike the Italian championship, the English one has a greater variability, that is, a greater number of teams that have come to conquer the championship.

Think, for example, of the formations that have dominated the rankings in recent years. There are teams like Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester City, which however have only a small handful of titles on the wall.

And it is not uncommon to come across information that may be won a championship 80 years ago and have managed to achieve success recently. Or even that they brought home only one title, but particularly exciting, as happened some time ago also with Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester City.

All useful data

In short, the gold book of the Premier League and of what was once the First Division has many reasons for interest. It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to report it below in an enlarged version.

In fact, you will not find only the usual and simple list of the winning team with the relative year. We also included in a gigantic table the second and third in the standings of each vintage, the name of the coach who led the winning team and the name of the top scorer of the season.

In addition, the winners of the FA Cup, the prestigious English Cup, and the League Cup, the third most important competition, are also reported in the last two columns. In this way it seems to us that you can have a more complete overview of the progress of the various seasons, identifying more clearly those cycles that have led some teams not to conquer many titles but still to always be in the upper parts of the ranking.

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 Before that big table, however, below you will find our survey in which we group the English teams according to the number of championships won and we ask you to choose the five you prefer. In this way, you will help us to realize which formations are most loved in Italy.

The Roll Of Honor Of The English Championship

YearSampleSecond placeThird placeChampion coachBest scorerFA Cup winnerLeague Cup winner
1888/89Preston North EndAston VillaWolverhampton WanderersWilliam SudellJohn Goodall (Preston North End)Preston North End
1889/90Preston North EndEvertonBlackburn RoversEH BahrJimmy Ross (Preston North End)Blackburn Rovers
1890/91EvertonPreston North EndNotts CountyDick MolyneuxJack Southworth (Blackburn Rovers)Blackburn Rovers
1891/92SunderlandPreston North EndBolton WanderersTom WatsonJohn Campbell (Sunderland)West Bromwich Albion
1892/93SunderlandPreston North EndEvertonTom WatsonJohn Campbell (Sunderland)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1893/94Aston VillaSunderlandDerby CountyGeorge RamsayJack Southworth (Everton)Notts County
1894/95SunderlandEvertonAston VillaTom WatsonJohn Campbell (Sunderland)Aston Villa
1895/96Aston VillaDerby CountyEvertonGeorge RamsayJohn Campbell (Sunderland) and Steve Bloomer (Derby County)The Wednesday
1896/97Aston VillaSheffield UnitedDerby CountyGeorge RamsaySteve Bloomer (Derby County)Aston Villa
1897/98Sheffield UnitedSunderlandWolverhampton WanderersJB WostinholmFred Wheldon (Aston Villa)Nottingham Forest
1898/99Aston VillaLiverpoolBurnleyGeorge RamsaySteve Bloomer (Derby County)Sheffield United
1899/00Aston VillaSheffield UnitedSunderlandGeorge RamsaySteve Bloomer (Derby County)Bury
1900/01LiverpoolSunderlandNotts CountyTom WatsonSteve Bloomer (Derby County)Tottenham Hotspur
1901/02SunderlandEvertonNewcastle UnitedAlex MackieJimmy Settle (Everton)Sheffield United
1902/03The WednesdayAston VillaSunderlandArthur DickinsonSam Raybould (Liverpool)Bury
1903/04The WednesdayManchester CityEvertonArthur DickinsonSteve Bloomer (Derby County)Manchester City
1904/05Newcastle UnitedEvertonManchester CityFrank WattArthur Brown (Sheffield United)Aston Villa
1905/06LiverpoolPreston North EndThe WednesdayTom WatsonAlbert Shepherd (Bolton Wanderers)Everton
1906/07Newcastle UnitedBristol CityEvertonFrank WattAlex Young (Everton)The Wednesday
1907/08Manchester UnitedAston VillaManchester CityErnest MangnallEnoch West (Nottingham Forest)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1908/09Newcastle UnitedEvertonSunderlandFrank WattBert Freeman (Everton)Manchester United
1909/10Aston VillaLiverpoolBlackburn RoversGeorge RamsayJack Parkinson (Liverpool)Newcastle United
1910/11Manchester UnitedAston VillaSunderlandErnest MangnallAlbert Shepherd (Newcastle United)Bradford City
1911/12Blackburn RoversEvertonNewcastle UnitedRobert MiddletonHarry Hampton (Aston Villa),
George Holley (Sunderland),
David McLean (The Wednesday)
1912/13SunderlandAston VillaThe WednesdayBob KyleDavid McLean (The Wednesday)Aston Villa
1913/14Blackburn RoversAston VillaMiddlesbroughRobert MiddletonGeorge Elliot (Middlesbrough)Burnley
1914/15EvertonOldham AthleticBlackburn RoversWill CuffBobby Parker (Everton)Sheffield United
1919/20West Bromwich AlbionBurnleyChelseaFred EverissFred Morris (West Bromwich Albion)Aston Villa
1920/21BurnleyManchester CityBolton WanderersJohn HaworthJoe Smith (Bolton Wanderers)Tottenham Hotspur
1921/22LiverpoolTottenham HotspurBurnleyDavid AshworthAndy Wilson (Middlesbrough)Huddersfield Town
1922/23LiverpoolSunderlandHuddersfield TownMatt McQueenCharlie Buchan (Sunderland)Bolton Wanderers
1923/24Huddersfield TownCardiff CitySunderlandHerbert ChapmanWilf Chadwick (Everton)Newcastle United
1924/25Huddersfield TownWest Bromwich AlbionBolton WanderersHerbert ChapmanFrank Roberts (Manchester City)Sheffield United
1925/26Huddersfield TownArsenalSunderlandCecil PotterTed Harper (Blackburn Rovers)Bolton Wanderers
1926/27Newcastle UnitedHuddersfield TownSunderlandFrank WattJimmy Trotter (The Wednesday)Cardiff City
1927/28EvertonHuddersfield TownLeicester CityThomas H. McIntoshDixie Dean (Everton)Blackburn Rovers
1928/29The WednesdayLeicester CityAston VillaRobert BrownDave Halliday (Sunderland)Bolton Wanderers
1929/30Sheffield WednesdayDerby CountyManchester CityRobert BrownVic Watson (West Ham United)Arsenal
1930/31ArsenalAston VillaSheffield WednesdayHerbert ChapmanTom Waring (Aston Villa)West Bromwich Albion
1931/32EvertonArsenalSheffield WednesdayThomas H. McIntoshDixie Dean (Everton)Newcastle United
1932/33ArsenalAston VillaSheffield WednesdayHerbert ChapmanJack Bowers (Derby County)Everton
1933/34ArsenalHuddersfield TownTottenham HotspurJoe ShawJack Bowers (Derby County)Manchester City
1934/35ArsenalSunderlandSheffield WednesdayGeorge AllisonTed Drake (Arsenal)Sheffield Wednesday
1935/36SunderlandDerby CountyHuddersfield TownJohnny CochraneWG Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)Arsenal
1936/37Manchester CityCharlton AthleticArsenalWilf WildFreddie Steele (Stoke City)Sunderland
1937/38ArsenalWolverhampton WanderersPreston North EndGeorge AllisonTommy Lawton (Everton)Preston North End
1938/39EvertonWolverhampton WanderersCharlton Athletic(various coaches)Tommy Lawton (Everton)Portsmouth
1946/47LiverpoolManchester UnitedWolverhampton WanderersGeorge KayDennis Westcott (Wolverhampton)Charlton Athletic
1947/48ArsenalManchester UnitedBurnleyTom WhittakerRonnie Rooke (Arsenal)Manchester United
1948/49PortsmouthManchester UnitedDerby CountyBob JacksonWillie Moir (Bolton Wanderers)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1949/50PortsmouthWolverhampton WanderersSunderlandBob JacksonDickie Davis (Sunderland)Arsenal
1950/51Tottenham HotspurManchester UnitedBlackpoolArthur RoweStan Mortensen (Blackpool)Newcastle United
1951/52Manchester UnitedTottenham HotspurArsenalMatt BusbyGeorge Robledo (Newcastle United)Newcastle United
1952/53ArsenalPreston North EndWolverhampton WanderersTom WhittakerCharlie Wayman (Preston North End)Blackpool
1953/54Wolverhampton WanderersWest Bromwich AlbionHuddersfield TownStan CullisJimmy Glazzard (Huddersfield Town)West Bromwich Albion
1954/55ChelseaWolverhampton WanderersPortsmouthTed DrakeRonnie Allen (West Bromwich)Newcastle United
1955/56Manchester UnitedBlackpoolWolverhampton WanderersMatt BusbyNat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)Manchester City
1956/57Manchester UnitedTottenham HotspurPreston North EndMatt BusbyJohn Charles (Leeds United)Aston Villa
1957/58Wolverhampton WanderersPreston North EndTottenham HotspurStan CullisBobby Smith (Tottenham)Bolton Wanderers
1958/59Wolverhampton WanderersManchester UnitedArsenalStan CullisJimmy Greaves (Chelsea)Nottingham Forest
1959/60BurnleyWolverhampton WanderersTottenham HotspurHarry PottsDennis Viollet (Manchester United)Wolverhampton Wanderers
1960/61Tottenham HotspurSheffield WednesdayWolverhampton WanderersBill NicholsonJimmy Greaves (Chelsea)Tottenham HotspurAston Villa
1961/62Ipswich TownBurnleyTottenham HotspurAlf RamseyRay Crawford (Ipswich),
Derek Kevan (West Brom)
Tottenham HotspurNorwich City
1962/63EvertonTottenham HotspurBurnleyHarry CatterickJimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)Manchester UnitedBirmingham City
1963/64LiverpoolManchester UnitedEvertonBill ShanklyJimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)West Ham UnitedLeicester City
1964/65Manchester UnitedLeeds UnitedChelseaMatt BusbyAndy McEvoy (Blackburn Rovers),
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
1965/66LiverpoolLeeds UnitedBurnleyBill ShanklyWillie Irvine (Burnley), Roger Hunt (Liverpool)EvertonWest Bromwich Albion
1966/67Manchester UnitedNottingham ForestTottenham HotspurMatt BusbyRon Davies (Southampton)Tottenham HotspurQueens Park Rangers
1967/68Manchester CityManchester UnitedLiverpoolJoe MercerGeorge Best (Manchester United), Ron Davies (Southampton)West Bromwich AlbionLeeds United
1968/69Leeds UnitedLiverpoolEvertonDon RevieJimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)Manchester CitySwindon Town
1969/70EvertonLeeds UnitedChelseaHarry CatterickJeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion)ChelseaManchester City
1970/71ArsenalLeeds UnitedTottenham HotspurBertie MeeTony Brown (West Bromwich Albion)ArsenalTottenham Hotspur
1971/72Derby CountyLeeds UnitedLiverpoolBrian CloughFrancis Lee (Manchester City)Leeds UnitedStoke City
1972/73LiverpoolArsenalLeeds UnitedBill ShanklyPop Robson (West Ham United)SunderlandTottenham Hotspur
1973/74Leeds UnitedLiverpoolDerby CountyDon RevieMick Channon (Southampton)LiverpoolWolverhampton Wanderers
1974/75Derby CountyLiverpoolIpswich TownDave MackayMalcolm Macdonald (Newcastle United)West Ham UnitedAston Villa
1975/76LiverpoolQueens Park RangersManchester UnitedBob PaisleyTed MacDougall (Norwich City)SouthamptonManchester City
1976/77LiverpoolManchester CityIpswich TownBob PaisleyAndy Gray (Aston Villa), Malcolm Macdonald (Arsenal)Manchester UnitedAston Villa
1977/78Nottingham ForestLiverpoolEvertonBrian CloughBob Latchford (Everton)Ipswich TownNottingham Forest
1978/79LiverpoolNottingham ForestWest Bromwich AlbionBob PaisleyFrank Worthington (Bolton Wanderers)ArsenalNottingham Forest
1979/80LiverpoolManchester UnitedIpswich TownBob PaisleyPhil Boyer (Southampton)West Ham UnitedWolverhampton Wanderers
1980/81Aston VillaIpswich TownArsenalRon SaundersPeter Withe (Aston Villa), Steve Archibald (Tottenham Hotspur)Tottenham HotspurLiverpool
1981/82LiverpoolIpswich TownManchester UnitedBob PaisleyKevin Keegan (Southampton)Tottenham HotspurLiverpool
1982/83LiverpoolWatfordManchester UnitedBob PaisleyLuther Blissett, (Watford)Manchester UnitedLiverpool
1983/84LiverpoolSouthamptonNottingham ForestJoe FaganIan Rush (Liverpool)EvertonLiverpool
1984/85EvertonLiverpoolTottenham HotspurHoward KendallKerry Dixon (Chelsea), Gary Lineker (Leicester City)Manchester UnitedNorwich City
1985/86LiverpoolEvertonWest Ham UnitedKenny DalglishGary Lineker (Everton)LiverpoolOxford United
1986/87EvertonLiverpoolTottenham HotspurHoward KendallClive Allen (Tottenham Hotspur)Coventry CityArsenal
1987/88LiverpoolManchester UnitedNottingham ForestKenny DalglishJohn Aldridge (Liverpool)WimbledonLuton Town
1988/89ArsenalLiverpoolNottingham ForestGeorge GrahamAlan Smith (Arsenal)LiverpoolNottingham Forest
1989/90LiverpoolAston VillaTottenham HotspurKenny DalglishGary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)Manchester UnitedNottingham Forest
1990/91ArsenalLiverpoolCrystal PalaceGeorge GrahamAlan Smith (Arsenal)Tottenham HotspurSheffield Wednesday
1991/92Leeds UnitedManchester UnitedSheffield WednesdayHoward WilkinsonIan Wright (Crystal Palace / Arsenal)LiverpoolManchester United
1992/93Manchester UnitedAston VillaNorwich CityAlex FergusonTeddy Sheringham (Nottingham Forest / Tottenham Hotspur)ArsenalArsenal
1993/94Manchester UnitedBlackburn RoversNewcastle UnitedAlex FergusonAndy Cole (Newcastle United)Manchester UnitedAston Villa
1994/95Blackburn RoversManchester UnitedNottingham ForestKenny DalglishAlan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers)EvertonLiverpool
1995/96Manchester UnitedNewcastle UnitedLiverpoolAlex FergusonAlan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers)Manchester UnitedAston Villa
1996/97Manchester UnitedNewcastle UnitedArsenalAlex FergusonAlan Shearer (Newcastle United)ChelseaLeicester City
1997/98ArsenalManchester UnitedLiverpoolArsène WengerDion Dublin (Coventry City), Michael Owen (Liverpool), Chris Sutton (Blackburn Rovers)ArsenalChelsea
1998/99Manchester UnitedArsenalChelseaAlex FergusonJimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Leeds United), Michael Owen (Liverpool), Dwight Yorke (Manchester United)Manchester UnitedTottenham Hotspur
1999/00Manchester UnitedArsenalLeeds UnitedAlex FergusonKevin Phillips (Sunderland)ChelseaLeicester City
2000/01Manchester UnitedArsenalLiverpoolAlex FergusonJimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Chelsea)LiverpoolLiverpool
2001/02ArsenalLiverpoolManchester UnitedArsène WengerThierry Henry (Arsenal)ArsenalBlackburn Rovers
2002/03Manchester UnitedArsenalNewcastle UnitedAlex FergusonRuud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)ArsenalLiverpool
2003/04ArsenalChelseaManchester UnitedArsène WengerThierry Henry (Arsenal)Manchester UnitedMiddlesbrough
2004/05ChelseaArsenalManchester UnitedJosé MourinhoThierry Henry (Arsenal)ArsenalChelsea
2005/06ChelseaManchester UnitedLiverpoolJosé MourinhoThierry Henry (Arsenal)LiverpoolManchester United
2006/07Manchester UnitedChelseaLiverpoolAlex FergusonDidier Drogba (Chelsea)ChelseaChelsea
2007/08Manchester UnitedChelseaArsenalAlex FergusonCristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)PortsmouthTottenham Hotspur
2008/09Manchester UnitedLiverpoolChelseaAlex FergusonNicolas Anelka (Chelsea)ChelseaManchester United
2009/10ChelseaManchester UnitedArsenalCarlo AncelottiDidier Drogba (Chelsea)ChelseaManchester United
2010/11Manchester UnitedChelseaManchester CityAlex FergusonDimitar Berbatov (Manchester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)Manchester CityBirmingham City
2011/12Manchester CityManchester UnitedArsenalRoberto ManciniRobin van Persie (Arsenal)ChelseaLiverpool
2012/13Manchester UnitedManchester CityChelseaAlex FergusonRobin van Persie (Manchester United)Wigan AthleticSwansea City
2013/14Manchester CityLiverpoolChelseaManuel PellegriniLuis Suárez (Liverpool)ArsenalManchester City
2014/15ChelseaManchester CityArsenalJosé MourinhoSergio Agüero (Manchester City)ArsenalChelsea
2015/16Leicester CityArsenalTottenham HotspurClaudio RanieriHarry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)Manchester UnitedManchester City
2016/17ChelseaTottenham HotspurManchester CityAntonio ConteHarry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)ArsenalManchester United
2017/18Manchester CityManchester UnitedTottenham HotspurPep GuardiolaMohamed Salah (Liverpool)ChelseaManchester City
2018/19Manchester CityLiverpoolChelseaPep GuardiolaSadio Mané (Liverpool), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal)Manchester CityManchester City

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